Hi, my name is Michel Striekwold, rental agent for Punta el Custodio, Riviera Nayarit, and photographer of vacation rentals and real estate. Originally from Holland, I came to live and work in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in March 2006.

Holland has a lot of great things (my dear family for instance), but for me, one of the best decisions I ever made was to come to Mexico.
I left Holland when it was cold, dark, and covered in snow (I miss the snow!), since I came to Mexico the sun has been shining…

I had worked in Holland as a web designer, I still had some clients when I came to Mexico, but I needed to find a job here, otherwise, I would go back to Holland after a year. I soon found a job as web designer at a company in Vallarta (and, as often, when people know you make websites they assume you know everything about computers, I became responsible for the IT department).
In 2008 I had the opportunity to start making 360° panoramas/photos of rentals and real estate within the company. We found a great Canadian company who put a lot of effort in developing the latest generation 360° panoramas, and we started working together.

I didn’t have too much experience with photography at that time, but I learned a lot since.

In 2009, in the middle of the crisis, swine flu etc., the office where I was working was about to close, so I decided to start for myself, with my rental, web design and photography business.

Another big change since I came to Mexico; I have the greatest daughter and son possible, Eva and Max!


Michel Striekwold
Bucerias, Mexico