Casa Dos Cisnes

Casa Dos Cisnes

Obviously I got lost again, in Conchas Chinas, the upscale Puerto Vallarta neighborhood where I had to shoot Casa Dos Cisnes.

By that time I had done quite some shootings in Conchas China already, so I ought to know how to drive. But no, it took me an extra half an hour to get where I needed to be, high up the hills of the beautiful Sierra Madre.

From the outside you have no idea what an amazing house has been built behind the wall. 5 stories high, with spiral staircases from the upper to the lower floor. I would walk these stairs a hundred times during my next visits, at least that’s how it felt when I finished the shoot..

The only photo I didn’t take was exactly of this staircase, that was a miss. Apart from that, this shoot in 2011 I believe showed me what I could catch with my camera. Scott, the tall, elegant owner,  had been very conscious about how the house, each room, had to look. Which is fine with me, the owner has to be happy after all. After I had made a 360° of the living room he noticed that the ‘main’ painting was a little off.  He looked very worried suddenly, and told me frankly that that concerned him, that that concerned him a lot….

So the pressure was on.  I always hate it when I come home and notice that I forgot to cover a cable, didn’t remove a chair or thinhs like that.
On the other hand, it’s difficult. I have to watch my settings, the angle, the light, etc.
Casa Dos Cisnes is a house with 13 rooms, all the flowers etc. have to be moved from 1 room to another..
I would walk the 5 stairs a 100 times..

I did had to come back a few times to finish the shoot. It got very cloudy suddenly twice, Scott wanted not only stills but also 8 360° panoramas, I drove up the hills of Cochans Chinas about 5 times. Whch was not that bad, Scott’s private cook always prepared a great lunch for us..

And it paid off.

I remember showing the photos to Scott, and he was surprised, he never saw his house  like that before. To me it’s one of my favorite shoots, of a remarkable house.

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