Punta el Custodio, 7 villas for rent 2 hours north of Vallarta

Punta el Custodio, 7 villas for rent 2 hours north of Vallarta

It must have been 3 years ago by now. I had just started my own rental and photography business and had been contacting rental owners in the area to let them know about my 360° panoramas, maybe they were interested in my sevices; photos and panoramas of their houses.

So on a Tuesday I received a phonecall. It was one of the owners I had sent an email to the week before, Oliver.
He told me he  was very interested to have 360° panoramas of his house, Casa Colibri. He and his wife Rachel lived in Alaska, but they were at Casa Colibri at the moment. Oliver invited me and my little family to come over for the weekend, make the panoramas and photos, and just be their guests. Everything would be taken care of, we didn’t have to worry about a thing.

I remember telling my wife, when she came home that afternoon, that I had a surprise. That we were invited for the weekend, that I didn’t know where we were going, but that it looked very nice on the old photos on the internet.

So we left for Casa Colibri, Punta el Custodio, that Friday afternoon early. The 2 hour drive is amazing, through the mountains, passing Sayulita, at Las Varas you turn left, into rural Mexico. Here  you don’t see tourists anymore, just amazing landscapes. The roads are all very good, so it took us less than 2 hours. The last 800 meters you have to drive up a not so steep hill, a dirt road, a big contradiction to what awaits you, once Luis, the velador, or nightwatch, opens the gate for you. You enter a paradise, a small, private community with only 14 villas and houses.

A small lane, covered in shadow by high palms, chalatas, bougainvilia and other exotic plants took us to Casa Colibri, where Rachel and Ken, Oliver’s long time friend, were awaiting us. Well, in fact they were just doing their own thing, but the moment they saw us we received a warm welcome and were shown around the house.

Casa Colibri has a very spacious open living area with open kitchen, under a huge palapa, and the 4 bedrooms are build each under their own palapa, so all the guests have a lot of privacy. It didn’t take long or Oliver started preparing dinner, a daily event when Oliver and Rachel are at Casa Colibri. The big marble dining room in the center of the living area seats 14, and most of the time these seats are taken. Friends and other owners, passing guests are invited to join a delicious meal and have discussions about whatever you can think of.

Since then we have been back numerous times. We have become friends with most of the owners, all the most wonderful people. I already was a rental agent at that time for villas and houses in and around Puerto Vallarta, at the moment I have my own website, with only the 7 houses and villas at Punta el Custodio that I represent. Thanks to our numerous visits, and staying weekends in all of the houses with my little family I probably know more about Punta el Custodio than most of the owners..

If you ever have a chance to sneak out for a week, go to Punta el Custodio!
You can see a lot of photo’s I made of the houses, and more info about Punta el Custodio on my website, please click here to check it out!