In 1999 I followed the (at that time only worldwide acknowledged) study for webdesigner/webmaster in Holland.
I like the combination of being creative, making something, and fixing all kinds of technical problems at the same time.

I’ve made some 30 websites since then. My strength is my service, I really try to give my clients the website they want, my reliability and my SEO work. Its always hard to guarantee ¬†good rankings at Google etc., but all of my websites have very high rankings for important keywords. Even in the competetive Vallarta real estate- and rental market, for which I made most of my websites.

Lately I only work with WordPress.

See here some of my websites:
Superior Tours Vallarta

From 2007 til 2010 I’ve been the webmaster for www.peacemexico.org.

If you are interested in my work, I’ll be happy to send you a list with my websites.

Are you looking for a reliable webdesigner that can handle big jobs without a problem (or will be there to solve problems when they arise)?
Contact me!