I could have named the website, but I didn’t think that would be such a great idea. Even in Holland people had problems with my last name, let alone over here, in Mexico.

So I came up with (Idon’ Quite appropiate for a photographer of real estate and rentals. And speaking about Holland, the great Dutch painters were famous for their use of light, so you might say it’s even a Dutch domainname after all.

I see photography more as taking images than as taking photos. I mean, a photo can never capture what your eye can catch, nor does a photo has sounds or smells, as in real live.  I try to capture a little bit of the smells, sounds and colors of Mexico, as realistic as possible, and sometimes over the top.

I’m still learning a lot about photography, I hope that in one year from now I’ll be at another level.  With more photos of the colors, smells and sounds of Mexico, probably more houses, and more photos from Puerto Vallarta.

Thanks for visiting my website!


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